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Three States of Mind of Irabu Ichiro [23 Dec 2009|01:15am]
[ mood | energetic ]

WINTER BREAK IS HEREEEEEEEEEEE! And here I am working on Cosplay. Working a bit on Sannan, but mostly on Irabu. XD Got alot done today, so I couldn't help but camwhore a bit.

Although I'm only cosplaying as the shota version, I found perfect glasses for the middle form. :( I had some leftover fabric to make his ears too. Maybe I'll do it sometime in the future. BEAR FORM TOO. Cause personally, I think I make an awesome green bear.

This week is eventful~~~ I have KBBQ with Rayna at K-Town, then we're having a baking session at her house. Tram's Birthday Party on Thursday, Christmas on Friday, and the Secret Santa gift exchange on Saturday. I'm gonna be exhausted by next week. XD
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Finals Week [13 Dec 2009|05:23pm]
I should totally be studying, but I'm too excited about the season finale of Dexter. >:|
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2010 Cosplay Plans!! [24 Nov 2009|05:25pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Since PMX was my last con of '09, I'mma throw out my list for 2010. I didn't realize I have so much cosplay plans, I don't think I'm gonna go through them all. D: I'mma try though, cause I'm pro like that! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Ref Pic Guide! ^^Collapse )

Anime Los Angeles:
1. Sannan Keisuke (Western Version) from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan | 30% Done
2. Est from Wand of Fortune | 100% Done
3. Shota Ichiro Irabu from Kuchu Buranko |30% Done

Fanime 2010:
4. Carl Clover from Blazblue
5. Prince Russet from Hanatsuki Hime

Anime Expo:
6. Gojyo from S.Y.K.
7. Yuuichi Komura from Hiiro no Kakera
Chopper from One Piece: Unlimited Cruise
Gloria (Kimono Version) from Death Connection

8. Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket
9. Prince Falenas from Suikoden V
10. Kiel D-01 from Ragnarok Online

Not Pictured:
Ion Fortuna (Empire Version) Trinity Blood
Chrodechild from Suikoden Tierkreis
SOMEONE FROM CODE GEASS (I don't know who, I just know I wanna cosplay from the series ><)


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A week of AWESOME! [16 Nov 2009|12:35am]
I love Holidays. <3 Last week was pretty awesome~ PMX passed, and as promised~ a small con report... cause I'm too lazy to write a really long one. XD It sucks, my camera was half dead throughout the entire con so I didn't get much pictures. *SOB* D:

PMX Day 1Collapse )

PMX Day 2Collapse )

PMX Day 3Collapse )

Whoa... I didn't think I'd write that much. FK! I guess I'll save my report on the Maid Cafe event at HAX for tomorrow... too lazy to write more. Still need to update on my '09 cosplay plans. w00!

Also, PHANTASY STAR ZERO CAME OUT FOR DS LAST WEDNESDAY! Finally, after months of waiting it's finally out. If anyone's playing my FC is 4812 7054 9836. I need more WiFi friends to play with. :X
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w00! [03 Nov 2009|01:13am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I certainly did! School starting again tomorrow, not looking forward to it. :(

I got a couple scares at Amber's Halloween party. Mostly from when I was laughing maniacally when I was winning in SSBB. >:X

PMX this weekend~ another thing to look forward to. If you're going, hit me up~ :D

Cosplays for PMX:
Friday: Sannan Keisuke (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
Saturday: Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood) and Sae Kurosawa (Fatal Frame 2)
Sunday: Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

Hope to see some of you there! PARTY w000! Hopefully, I'll be posting more around here... last thing I posted was just a reminder of how much I hated sewing my Ion costume. >:|

Next Post: PMX report and 2010 cosplay plans. :D Already almost done with my ALA stuff. <3
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DAMNIT. [24 May 2009|03:28pm]
DAMN YOU SATIN. DAMN YOU. I'm never using this fabric again. ;-;
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SoCal Gathering + Mother's Day! [10 May 2009|10:52pm]
Yay! The SoCal Cosplay gathering was yesterday and it was GREAT! Rayna slept over the night before, and she was hanging with my bro for her birthday. I was finishing up my Mizuki costume. >.>; The hand sewing took longer then I thought it would take. (It took until 3AM to finish it up) XD We left at around 10AM, and got there around 11:30. This was the farthest I ever had to drive anywhere, but it was a pretty easy drive! XD

We didn't have to pay for the gathering because of the park rangers. I feel bad, since I know it took alot of money to organize it. D: Got to hang with Steph, Deb, William, Nhung, Rayna, Joanne and Tram! I didn't see much of Nobu and Brian, but zomgg they were adorable! <3

Nhung got a new camera~ so she was testing it out by doing a photoshoot for Me, Rayna, Joanne and Tram! w00! I love her photos so much! Too pro! <333 I couldn't help but have Like a Boss by The Lonely Island stuck in my head while in the costume. Some pics!

Some of my favorite shots!Collapse )

Also! MOTHERS DAY! I spent the entire day shopping and looking for ingredients for my mom's dinner! I cooked her Curry Beef Pasta~ I also bought some Gyoza for her, but she beat me to cooking it. XD; The Gyoza was really good. (Of course it was, my mom cooked it XD)

Doesn't that look delicious? XD My mom liked it! <3
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I DA SEXY MAID! [06 May 2009|11:55pm]
Me and William went to the San Gabriel Plaza to get Rayna's gift last night~ Most of the places were closed since we went at around 9PM, but we ended up getting her matching bear plushes and slippers. :D Afterwards we went to Tea Station and got tea. We met up with Angel, Deb, and Steph and drank TEAAAAA!!! Angel brought me the wigs I ordered for Maylene and Firi! The red wig for Maylene was a bit brighter than it was in the picture, and the white wig for Firi was too short, but other than that the wigs were pretty good! I camhoar'd when I got home. >.>

Unstyled wig fresh off the bag!Collapse )

Rayna's birthday party was today! We met at Tofu House for Korean food! It was soooo goood! I really love their Kimchi and fried fish~~ me and William shared some BBQ Short Ribs and I also got a Seafood Tofu Soup~ It was a little too spicy and I didn't get to finish it. :( Afterwards Rayna opened her gifts and we had CAKE! It was passion fruit flavored! We tried to go to Cue afterwards to take pictures but they were closed. :( We ended up going to Yogurtland for MORE FOOD! We finished it and headed back to my house! Bummed~ Vina got to meet Pocky!

I think I'll let her sleep inside tonight...
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I'm getting everybody sick. [05 May 2009|12:11am]
Everyone's sick this past week! Just when I was getting better. :( IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I'm a walking bio-hazard. Ahaha~ Deb finally felt well enough to hang out today. I was supposed to finish my So-Cal stuff at Nhung's today but I ended up eating at Souplantation with Steph's family, then heading to Cha cause Deb was feeling lonely. By the time we were done, it was like 11PM so~ another sewing day wasted. XD

Recently I also downloaded a comic viewer for my DS. OMFG SO AWESOME! I'm finally able to catch up on my manga readings while I'm at school. (Instead of studying stuff >.>) I'm finally caught up with Kuroshitsuji. XD Makes me wanna style my Maylene wig now nowwwww! D: Need to pick up wig from Angel!

I also have been watching more anime lately! It feels kinda nice~ I haven't watched anime in a really long time! Steph got me started on K-ON! and it's really cute! I also watched the Haruhi shorts 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan' SO FKING CUTE! >
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To Masquerade or not to Masquerade. [18 Apr 2009|07:03pm]
I'm still sick. BLAH. But Susan came for a visit yesterday, and we had a crocheting day. (Which was great cause I didn't have to move much. <3) We went out for dinner, and the topic of me competing in the AX Masq somehow popped up. I wasn't really planning to, and I was surprised that some of my friends were kinda disappointed that I wasn't doing it.

Then Susan's BF told me to pull an all-nighter to make a new costume. (Jokingly) Then it occured to me~ TWO MONTHS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO MAKE A MASQUERADE WORTHY COSTUME RIGHT? I dunno if I should register for it or not... I already have a costume in mind, but I don't want to be one of those people who sign up, take space, and drop out. :/ There were so many people who dropped out last AX Masq!

Cosplay buddies, what do you think? Any one of you guys doing the Masq for AX this year?
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SICK! [16 Apr 2009|08:15pm]
GUWAAAAA...I'M SICK!!! D:!!! I'm so glad class is canceled tomorrow.

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COSPLAY SHOOOOOT!!!! [19 Mar 2009|12:50am]


Exactly what happened this past tuesday...ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Woke up early, headed to Joanne's place and did our Hakuouki shoot at Balboa Park in Van Nuys. It's my second time there~ I went there a week prior to scout the park and do a shoot for my Tir costume.

It was cold in the morning, and we reached Joanne's place at like 8:00AM. I met Nam, the photographer, and Tram, who was a co-worker of Joanne's and a new potential cosplayer. :D We got changed, stopped by Starbucks for breakfast, then headed to the park. It was a lot nicer than the other day, since more of the flowers were in bloom, but we chose the same spot we chose last time. (THIS TIME WITH MORE FLOWERS!) Nam is too pro with his camera and equipment. TOO PROOO!

Just a few pictures...Collapse )

We finished shooting around noonish-1PM. What did we do after? DISNEYLAND OF COURSE! We changed, stopped by Nam's house then went to Disneyland! I don't even remember the last time I went there... it was really fun! The lines were really long, but I did get to go on a number of rides including the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean (I haven't been there since before they added Cap'tn Jack Sparrow in there.), Space Mountain, and Star Tours. Thalia was working that day, I think Rayna and I freaked her out a bit. XD She's funny though. I had to leave a bit early, but we saw the fireworks while we were driving out of the parking lot. It sounded like a battle... but it was super pretty. One of the best days of this entire year so far. <3

As for today, I PICKED UP SUIKODEN TIERKREIS! For some reason, Gamestop didn't have it yesterday. >.>;;; I didn't get to play much of it yet. I've been working on my Maylene costume like mad. I'm almost done though... just need a few more details!
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I HAVE BEEN ABSENT! [16 Jan 2009|12:45am]
Man, I can't believe it's almost been two months since I last updated this thing. SOOO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED IN THE PAST COUPLE MONTHS! Sungie came to visit from Canada! She stayed over at my place from December 16 until her birthday on the 30th. She's gotten me addicted to japanese game shows and J-Pop. XD; Deb also started renting DVDs of the TV Drama, Dexter. It's pretty interesting. We finished up the first season, and we're working on the second season right now. We basically spent New Years Eve watching the season finale of Dexter and playing Rock Band.

After New Years was ALA. Cosplayed as Crona from Soul Eater the first day. Didn't do much but hang around with random groups of people. Most exciting thing was the Soul Eater Gathering~ and visiting Velwyn at the Maid Cafe Con suite. Since we were driving back and forth, and Rayna had a dinner thing to go to, we left pretty early. Didn't go for the Saturday of the con, but did go on Sunday. I cosplayed as Kid Brook from One Piece and Rayna was Kid Vivi. We were hanging out with Joanne and the Kid One Piece crew throughout the day. The gathering was fun, despite not knowing much about the show. XD;;; We did a mini-shoot at the photoroom before I had to leave. :( I didn't buy much, since I was pretty broke... but I got a Momo Keychain from Avatar, and a 'Make Love Not Warcraft' Pin.

After ALA was just alot of WoW and being a bum. XD; I started on some new costumes, and started planning for others.

Here are my 2009 cosplay plans!

Definite plans:
Sannan Keisuke from Hakuouki
Maylene from Kuroshisuji
Mizuki Rashoujin from Samurai Showdown

Rin from Togainu no Chi
Firi from Lamento: Beyond the Void

Probably more when later in the year. OHOHO!
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All is full of LOVE! [29 Nov 2008|12:31am]

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I spent most of the day cooking. Mom had work, so a lot of the cooking was left to me and my brother. (Although William and Lusanna was nice enough to help when they came over for a bit.) Dinner was delicious, since my mom brought a turkey home from her work. :D

After everyone left, I went on WoW for a while. Svanhvit and Kaneimada finally hit level 30! We had a party at Orgrimmar. We fished, and danced, and drank. Super geeky, but it was fun having a little mini in-game celebration!

Mmm... Toasty...Collapse )

I slept at 3ish last night, and woke up at around 6 for Black Friday Shopping. Lusanna picked me up at around 7, and we stopped by Joann's, Michael's, and the Arcadia mall. I bought some fabric for my upcoming costumes. I also got some yarn and crocheting hooks~ Made the little dollies when I got back home around 1-ish. They were surprisingly easy to make~ I think I'll be making a bunch of them for Christmas gifts.

My layout for LJ is done~ Didn't realize that the journal design override had to be in CSS. >.> Never worked with that before, so it'll take a while to figure out. *CRIES* Sometimes I wonder if it'd be alot earlier with the designs to get a paid account.

It's the annual Thanksgiving Potluck at Steph's tomorrow~ Time to eat more and get fat. XD
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Kitties and Feathers! [23 Nov 2008|10:38pm]

I have good kitty news and bad kitty news though. The good kitty news is that Fro recently received two little tabby kittens on Thursday. She named one Booger and one Tippy. I got to meet them Thursday night, and MAN were they a handful. At first, they were pretty calm and stayed stationary... but as soon as they got their food they went NUTS. They started crawling into the hidden crevices of my room where I couldn't catch them. When we finally got them back into the box, they found a way to squirm out of it!

WTFF! Not even a box can hold them!Collapse )

It was a tiring night, but fun... and the kittens are so damn cute. On a sadder note, Marley passed away yesterday. :( He was my favorite of Aaron's three cats, since I was supposed to bring him home when my house got remodeled. That means out of the six cats that Aaron had, only one of them is still around, and that's Roxas. D: That's the third cat who's life has been taken by a car...I haven't visited them since yesterday, but I really want to. I wonder how Roxas is taking it.

Yesterday was also a meh day. I went to Downtown LA to buy some fabric for my new costumes for the upcoming year. I bought 200 white feathers to make wings for my Rakka costume... I couldn't find any fabric that's affordable enough to get, so I got the feathers.

I spent about an hour dying them today.Collapse )

This is the first time I've tried dying something before. I tried using a method I've heard about using a sharpie and alcohol concoction in a spray bottle. It worked quite well, the wings aren't really dark grey. They turned out a nice light grey, like how I wanted it. I'll be working on the costume this weekend, and hopefully I can finish before the break ends.

I'm working on a new layout for my LJ right now. I'm also contemplating on making it friends only. Sounds good. *nod nod*
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SKOGUL IS BACK WITH A VENGANCE! [11 Nov 2008|06:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So last week, Deb came over and tempted me greatly with getting WoW again. I'm playing again now. >.> Maybe this time I'll actually get to 70... or 80 when Lich King comes out. XD;;; Now that I'm out of Stranglethorn Vale, the ganking isn't that bad anymore. :D! I just made a mage for William to link me since he said he was going to play after PMX.

PMX was also this weekend. :D Small con, but it was pretty fun. Most of my friends didn't stay, but we got quite a few, which wasn't that bad.

PMX Friday - Day 1Collapse )

PMX Saturday - Day 2Collapse )

PMX Sunday - Day 3Collapse )

Now that PMX is over, looking forward to ALA now! I'm still trying to find some friends to come with me~ but I'm sure it'll all work out.
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This was a triumph. [05 Oct 2008|02:07am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Not a lie.

I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS!

We had burgers and baked cupcakes today.
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EXCALIBUR!! [10 Sep 2008|06:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]



... I have a new Excalibur LJ Icon. >.>

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I <3 Sewing [10 Sep 2008|12:44am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Yay! My Chrona costume is about... I'd say 90% done! I just need to attach the sleeves, finish the hem on the bottom, attach the buttons on the collar, and attach the wrist cuffs! I'm contemplating whether I should dye the wig a more lavender color, since Chrona's isn't that bright pink. >.> I still need to hack up the wig a big which I am also worried about doing. >.>;

My mom also got me a cabinet to put all my leftover fabric and stuff a couple days ago, so now my room has less random bags of fabric floating around. XD; It's great because I found my leftover pleather from my Ion costume a couple years back. I love that stuff! It holds paint well and doesn't break up when you sew on it (like craft foam would T_T)

My birthday's in about two weeks. Anyone want to go to Mikomicon for my birthday? :D I need to find a ride. T_____T I'm still a bit traumatized from driving on the freeways to school every monday.
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The end of summer. Damn. [05 Sep 2008|12:23am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


The remainder of my summer was pretty fun. I went to the AXF Beach meet, where I met Shane and his friends, plus a bunch of new people!

After that was Yosemite where I lived in a small tent with 7 of my friends. We lived like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I got to swim in running stream of a waterfall, and it was fecking cold. Food at Yosemite was bad.

There was also Monica and Javi's game night, where I met more random people and played alot of Rock Band. ZOMG. I love rock band. There was also Soul Calibur; which I sucked at, Tetris, and DDR. I love board games, but Monopoly takes too long.

Long beach is really big, and it's VERY different from PCC. One of the things is that people are alot nice there. They're actually willing to help you! I tried to change my major today from Fashion Design and Merchandising to Theater Arts with an Emphasis on Costume Design. I got a tour of the Costume Workshop and it seems really cool there! I really hope I can change my major, I've been unsure about Fashion for a while now, and costuming seems like what I really want to do. (PLUS THEY HAVE A WIG STYLING ROOOM! WIG STYLING ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!)

Speaking of wigs, I'm about almost done styling my Chrona wig! I just need to get off my ass and work on the outfit. I hate being so lazy sometimes. ;_;

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